SOLD to the Netherlands: Blaupunkt Münster STEREO, 1975 Vintage Classic Car Auto Radio

This fine vintage original Blaupunkt auto radio is sold. Other Blaupunkt Münster and Frankfurt STEREO radios are available to be completed to your wishes.
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This beautiful vintage Blaupunkt Munster STEREO (stereo was very rare in the 1960s and 1970s!) car radio will be a stylish luxury addition to your European classic (sports) car. In period only very expensive cars were equipped with radio. Blaupunkt radios were true status symbols in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s car radios became a more common, but still expensive, option. To get an idea: For about 10 Blaupunkt Frankfurt radios one could buy a brand new VW Beetle in 1970! This fantastic Blaupunkt unit wil fit any classic car which is prepared by the factory to receive a radio. This sterling Blaupunkt Münster transistor radio has been refurbished by Dutch and German specialists for Classentials. This radio will upgrade your classic automobile and it will enhance your driving experience because the dashboard is what YOU are looking at while enjoying your classic (sports) car! The radio is easy to install with the guidance and the parts supplied in the Classentials Installation Kit. Enjoy the sound of the 1970s in STEREO with this rare radio. This radio features 2 DIN connections for external (MP3) devices with a 3.5 mm jack socket. You can order this optional connection cable with dasboard mount and switch at Classentials, see accessories.

SOLD through our parent website to a Classicar Garage
in the Netherlands. 


Model: Blaupunkt Münster STEREO, display with green lettering
Classic Car era: 1968 – 1976
Face-plate: Universal, silver / chrome, will fit and look great in many cars.
On-board voltage: 12V, Negative earth / ground
Output power: 2 x 5 Watt
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Rendition: STEREO, 2 (4 Ohm) speakers. NOTE: If you want to connect four speakers then you have to use FOUR 8 Ohm speakers connected parallel + to + and – to -, this makes 4 Ohm per channel. This is important otherwise you will damage the internal amplifier.
Wave Range: medium wave, UKW (FM)
Frequency range UKW (FM): 88MHz-104MHz
Equipment: station pre-set buttons, automatic antenna connection, DIN connection for optional external devices (in period cassette players) like MP3/mobile phone and DAB+ digital radio/handsfree phone sets.
Design type: Stereo Transistor radio
Year of build: 1974
Dimensions unit (width x height x depth in mm): 177 x 44 x 110
Dimensions face-plate (width x height in mm): 190 x 57
Weight (kg): 1.3

Extra in packaging: Classentials Installation Kit 2 with installation instructions, new style speaker plugs, earth cable, 12V wire with fuse, cable shoes, extra M10 mounting rings and a metal strip with 6 mm holes to form a rear radio support bracket if not present in your car.

Installing: Basic car conditions before installation: Radio prepared car with dashboard openings, 12V power lead, analog telescopic antenna, standard (dashboard speaker) with wiring.
Tools needed: wrench number 14 and 8, cable shoe pliers. Handy customers experienced with working and tinkering on classic cars can install a radio by themselves. All others we strictly advise to have their vintage radio installed by an experienced mechanic / electrician / local garage. Our installation kits contain the parts and instructions needed to install a radio in a factory original prepared car. In case your dashboard aperture / mount has been changed by previous owners over the last 40 -50 years you might need, or have to make, different parts to make the radio fit properly.

NOTE: If the radio is to be fitted in a more modern ca. 1975< classic car featuring a 1-DIN dashboard aperture you will need to order a Classentials 1-DIN radio mount separately, see accessories.

Warranty: This refurbished 40 – 50 years old radio comes with a 1 year warranty in Western Europe. In the rare case that a reliable Blaupunkt transistor radio stops working you send it back to us for immediate exchange (in case a comparable unit is in stock) or repair. The radio is sealed before shipping with a unique numbered security seal which cannot be tampered with. If this seal is damaged / broken the warranty will be void.

“Enjoy the Ride!”

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions17.7 × 11.0 × 4.4 cm


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