Blaupunkt Solingen 1971 Compact Vintage Original Classic Car Auto Radio for Universal use in All Cars of the Period 1965 – 1974

This superb and compact vintage Blaupunkt Solingen classic car auto radio will be a stylish addition to your European classic (sports) car. This model with the ultra compact face-plate (152 x 37 mm) was used in cars of the period which did not feature a dashboard aperture. The radio can be fitted below the dashboard with special L-brackets. This Blaupunkt Solingen comes with the rare original speaker cable (about 3 metres long) featuring a special plug and offering the possibility to connect two 4 Ohm speakers. This blaupunkt Solingen was dismantled, cleaned, checked, serviced, refurbished and tested. Only some minor imperfections can be found, study the pictures carefully. The radio works and sounds perfectly!

*1.5 years (18 months) European / US warranty (See About Us / FAQ).


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Model: Blaupunkt Solingen (FR – PO / GO) type 7631
Classic Car era: 1965 – 1974
Face-plate: Standard type for all cars, black rubber knobs.
On-board voltage: 6V AND 12V, Negative earth / ground only
Output power: 5 Watt
Impedance speaker: 4 Ohm, 2 speakers via special original cable (included)
Rendition: Mono
Wave Range: long wave, medium wave, NO FM!
Equipment: Mounting brackets and for under dashboard fitting
Design type: Transistor radio, very compact body
Year of build: 1971
Dimensions unit (width x height x depth in mm): 152 x 72 (body knobs excluded) x 37
Dimensions face-plate (width x height in mm): 152 x 37
Weight (kg): 0.5

Installing: Basic car conditions before installation: Radio prepared car with dashboard openings, 6 or 12V power lead, analog telescopic antenna, standard (dashboard) speaker(s) with wiring.
Handy customers experienced with working and tinkering on classic cars can install a radio by themselves. All others we strictly advise to have their vintage radio installed by an experienced mechanic / electrician / local garage.

*1.5 years (18 months) European / US warranty (See About Us / FAQ). In the rare case that a reliable Blaupunkt transistor radio stops working you send it back to us for immediate exchange (in case a comparable unit is in stock) or repair.

“Enjoy the Ride!”

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15.2 × 8.8 × 3.7 cm


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