NAPIER – The First to Wear the Green, David Venables

Napier was the first ‘all British’ manufacturer of motorcars in the late 1890s. Daimler of England started earlier but their motorcars were derived from German Daimler patents and ideas. Sales man and racing cyclist S.F. Edge had a hand in the success of Napier. He pushed the firm to built more competitive cars which could compete in the heroic town-to-town races of the period. In 1903 Edge won the Gordon Bennet Cup in the Paris Vienna race on his Napier. In this enlightening book you will read all there is to know about Napier, and especially the racing and record breaking history. All the Napier feats and facts have been condensed into a magnificent story. This from the first attempt to be competitive in racing up to the land speed records by John Cobb in his (Napier) Railton Mobile which was powered by two enormous Napier Lion aero engines. This is a HIGHLY recommended book!
The book is in near FINE, excellent, condition. The pages are bright and clean. The dust-jacket is excellent with only a few scuffs and the odd dimple. Please study the many photos of the actual book carefully, they form part of the description. “Enjoy the Ride!”


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Title: NAPIER – The First to Wear the Green
Author: David Venables
Language: English (GB)
Publisher: Haynes Publishing (G.T. Foulis and Company)
Year: 1998, first edition
Pages: 208
Cover: hardcover
Condition: Near FINE, excellent
Dust jacket: YES, excellent
Weight: 1083 gr.
Size: 27.7 x 22 x 2 cm.

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Dimensions27.7 × 22 × 2 cm


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