Voxson Sebring 70 Rare Vintage Original 1970s AM Classic Car Auto Radio with Anti-Theft-Sled & Key-Lock for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Others

Here we have a truly remarkable rare vintage original 1970s Voxson Sebring 70 classic car auto radio with an integrated anti-theft-sled and KEY-LOCK! The radio comes new in its original box! This specific model with the black / green radio scale is rare, the ones with the black / white radio scale are more common. It is very hard to find these radios complete with the sled, keys AND the metal chrome dashboard bezel (the latter are usually missing). This Voxson radio has been waiting in storage for 5 years… This because the original set of keys was missing. Without the keys the radio is firmly locked in its anti-theft-sled! It took us five years to find a Voxson radio ‘for spares’ (in Italy of course) complete with the correct lock and key (including the spare key!) The lock was transplanted onto this radio to make the anti-theft-sled work properly again.

The radio is in superb top condition; like new! NOTE: AM radio reception only – NO FM – so you will not receive much in our modern times. This is the kind of accessory that will complete the dashboard your 1970s (Italian) (sports) car. In case you compete in a concours d’élégance the judges will be stunned by this key-lock guarded radio… As will your petrol-head friends! “Enjoy the Ride!”

*1.5 years (18 months) European / US warranty (See About Us / FAQ).


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Manufacturer: Voxson F.A.R.E.T. Roma, Italy
Model: Sebring 70 (type 4101)
Classic Car era: 1970 – 1978
Face-plate: Slim metal chrome front with key-lock for anti-theft sled. Will look great in all Euroipean classic cars of the 1970s but it will look really outstanding in Italian cars like Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat.
On-board voltage: 12V, Negative earth / ground
Output power: 5 Watt
Impedance speaker: 4 Ohm
Rendition: Mono, 1 speaker (or speakers in series)
Wave Range: medium wave (AM) – NO FM!
Equipment: 6 station pre-set buttons, anti-theft sled with KEY-LOCK.
Design type: Transistor radio, compact body
Year of build: approximately 1973
Dimensions unit (width x height x depth in mm): 190 x 45 x 140 (from back to buttons)
Dimensions face-plate (width x height in mm): 202 x 49
Weight (kg): 1.5

Installing: Basic car conditions before installation: Radio prepared car with dashboard openings, 12V power lead, analog telescopic antenna, standard (dashboard) speaker(s) with wiring.
Handy customers experienced with working and tinkering on classic cars can install a radio by themselves. All others we strictly advise to have their vintage radio installed by an experienced mechanic / electrician / local garage. Our installation kits contain the parts and instructions needed to install a radio in a factory original prepared car. In case your dashboard aperture / mount has been changed by previous owners over the last 40 -50 years you might need, or have to make, different parts to make the radio fit properly.

*1.5 years (18 months) European / US warranty (See About Us / FAQ). In the rare case that a reliable Voxson transistor radio stops working you send it back to us for immediate exchange (in case a comparable unit is in stock) or repair. The radio is sealed before shipping with a unique numbered security seal which cannot be tampered with. If this seal is damaged / broken the warranty will be void.

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions25.5 × 17.7 × 5.7 cm


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