SOLD to Portugal: Vintage Original 1949 Special Tuning Manual for MG Midget XPAG Engine – MG TB & TC

Here we have a rare vintage original 1949 Special Tuning manual for MG Midget Engine type XPAG as fitted to Series TB and TC cars. The manual provides information on the standard engine and car data, and it describes several stages of tuning for the XPAG engine. Stage 1, Stage 1A, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5. Stage 4 and 5 include the fitting of a ‘Shorrock’ Supercharger (Blower) kit. This is a highly desirable booklet for the avid MG TB and TC enthusiast! “Enjoy the Ride!”

SOLD to Portugal.


Title: Special Tuning for MG MIDGET ENGINE Type XPAG (As fitted to Series TB and TC cars)
Addition: M.G. Technical Literature, L/8
Authors: Unknown
Language: English (GB)
Publisher: The MG Car Company Ltd, Abingdon-on-Thames
Year: June 1949
Pages: 18
Cover: soft-cover
Condition: Excellent.
weight: 35 gr.
Size: 21.5 x 14 x 0.2 cm


Additional information

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions21.5 × 14.0 × 0.2 cm


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