SOLD to Belgium: Vintage Original 1960s, MG MGB Mk1 Workshop Manual – AKD3259C

Here we have a very clean and complete copy of the 1960s MG MGB Mk1 Workshop Manual! B.M.C. part AKD3259C. This 1960s workshop manual covers all the technical ins-and-outs of the MGB Mk1. The manual is a dark yellow vinyl A4+ size ‘four-ring-clip’ file folder. The file folder is very clean with only some scuffing to the dark red/brown print: Excellent! The text bloc inside the file is very good for its age, the pages have yellowed over the last 50+ years and the top of the pages show very slight old traces of moisture. The title-page shows some grubbyness and hints of foxing but for the rest all the page-faces are clean and free of oily fingers! This is a highly desirable 1960s MGB Workshop manual in very good and un-spoiled condition! “Enjoy the Ride!”

SOLD to Belgium.


Title: MGB Workshop Manual. A B.M.C. Service Publication
Addition: AKD3259C
Authors: Unknown
Language: English (GB)
Publisher: B.M.C. Service LTD, Cowley, Oxford, England
Year: Issue 2, undated, mid-1960s
Pages: not numbererd, a lot! (The paper text-bloc is 20 mm thick)
Cover: Vinyl clad, four ring-clip file folder
Condition: Very good. Vinyl cover excellent and super clean. Pages have jellowed over the last 50+ years. A slight hint of old moisture traces to the top of the pages, a little wavy. No oily fingers or smears. A very clean copy!
weight: 1110 gr.
Size: 28 x 23.7 x 4 cm


Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions28 × 23.7 × 4 cm


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