Vintage Original 1960s S.E.V. MARCHAL ‘Fantastic’ 662 / 762 Long-Range Spot / Driving-Lamp 170mm, Halogen H1, for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Delage, Facel Vega, Maserati – NEW IN BOX!

Here we have a gorgeous and ULTRA RARE 1960s original S.E.V. Marchal ‘Fantastic’ 662 / 762 Halogen H1 Long-Range Spot-Lamp in brand new and boxed condition. Over 50 years old new old stock! The lamp comes with a Philips 12V / 55 Watt H1 halogen light bulb. Find more information below.

These gorgeous and ultra rare Marchal Fantastic lamps are usually to be found on Ferrari 250 sports and racing cars and they will also be correct for for 1950s and 1960s Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin (DB2, DB2/4, DB3 DB4), BMW (503 / 507) Delage, Facel Vega, Maserati, Lamborghini and other European cars of the period.


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This Marchal Fantastic lamp comes with a Philips 12V / 55 Watt H1 halogen light bulb. This full metal / chrome long-range spot-lamp is supposed to be mounted on the top of your car’s bumper. Measurements: Lamp housing diameter 175 millimetres. Chrome lamp housing depth 65 millimetres. Over-all depth including glass 95 millimetres. Total height including mounting support 190 millimetres.
Weight: 840 Grammes. “Enjoy the Ride”.


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