SOLD OUT: The Zborowski Inheritance – David Paine – VERY RARE Only 500 Copies Printed in 2008

Description: The Zborowski Inheritance by David Paine is the standard work on the racing Zborowskis, father Elliot who was killed on a Mercédès in La Turbie in 1903 and his son Louis Zborowski who became legendary because of his home constructed aero engined Chitty Bang Bang racing monsters. This book which contains only text covers the family story from the beginnings in the 17th century until Louis’ death on Monza in 1924. A SUPERB read and a must for the enthusiast of veteran motor cars, vintage racing, and Brooklands. Only 500 copies printed in the year 2008, our copies come from the writer David Paine and the book is very hard to find these days! Yours truly (Marc Vorgers) has visited many historic places which are mentioned in the book, accompanied by the writer, in the year 2013.

MotorSport Book Review 2009

This book is a little gem and it is a pity that David Paine and the writer of the book The Racing Zborowski’s (David Wilson) did not work together on one book. By owning the two books you have the life of the Zborowski’s covered with detailed information by David Paine and a lot of photographs in the book of Wilson. Study the photos carefully, they form part of the description. “Enjoy the Ride!”



Title: The Zborowski Inheritance
Authors: David Paine
Language: English (GB)
Publisher: Victoire Press Ltd
Print run: 500 copies Year: 2008 Pages: 285
Cover: softcover
Condition: FINE, BRAND NEW
Dust-cover: NO, softcover edition only
weight: 395 gr.
Size: 28.5 x 26 x 2 cm.

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Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions28.5 × 26 × 2 cm


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