SOLD to Belgium: AIRGUIDE VISI-DOME Very Rare Vintage original 1950s Auto Compass Never Installed in Original Box!

Here we have a VERY RARE 1950s Airguide VISI-DOME Auto Compass in its original box! The pale brown plastic compass with metal mounting arm was never installed in a car and it looks brand new! The Airguide compasses were made in the USA from about 1930. These legendary compasses used special Alnico-V magnets which were used in aviation compasses. Read more farther below.

Compasses of this kind would typically be fitted to American cars and European sports cars which were exported to the USA. This compass would be a true neck-turner in your Austin Healey 100 / 3000, Jaguar XK, Mercedes-Benz SL and other classic car of the 1950s! A beautiful, very decorative and very rare motoring item. “Enjoy the ride!”

SOLD to Belgium.


The compass uses special Alnico-V magnets which were used in aviation compasses. The compass will be accurate straight out of the box but must be adjusted / calibrated for in-car use. The metal bodywork of the car disturbs the magnetic field of the earth. Adjusting the compass reading to a specific car is done in the following way:  Position the car with the front pointing NORTH. Use the compass away from the car and other metal objects to find the north. Mount the compass to the desired location in the car and adjust NORTH reading with the North – South / East – West screw-adjusters in the bottom of the housing. “Enjoy the ride!”

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6.6 × 9 cm


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