SOLD to the Netherlands: Vintage Original GISCHARD 4000 Meter Altimeter for Pocket use in Pouch or Dashboard Instrument

Here we have a beautiful vintage original Gischard 4000 Meter Altimeter in excellent used condition, complete with its original black pouch. This rare altimeter is a fantastic instrument for adventurers conquering mountains and mountain roads. Many long distance rally events are held in the Alps, Himalayas, and other high altitude regions. The altimeter can be used as a pocket accessory, or it can be mounted to the dashboard of your classic car using the included adhesive pad. The altimeter can be adjusted to a ‘known’ altitude with the chrome bezel. It was photographed at sea level. A gorgeous vintage accessory! More information below.

This Gischard altimeter will be a fantastic period accessory / dashbaord instrument on any adventure, and historic rally event held in high mountain areas. “Enjoy the Ride!”

SOLD to the Netherlands.


Gischard is a renowned German manufacturer of barometers, altimeters and weather stations. This vintage Gerhard 4000 Meter Altimeter can be adjusted to a known ‘starting height’. The altimeter measures (diameter x height) 60 x 20 millimetres (2,4 x 0,75 inch) and it weighs 52 grammes (72 with pouch). The altimeter can be used as a pocket model using the pouch, it can also be mounted to the dashboard of your classic car using a self adhesive pad (included).

This altimeter is a fantastic accessory for adventurers and rally drivers who are conquering mountains and mountain routes around the globe. “Enjoy the Ride!”

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 7.5 cm


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